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Free Single Hand Blackjack Switch Game


In our free single hand Blackjack Switch game players are dealt two hands and have the option of switching the top two cards between hands to create better hands. The initial bet on each hand must be an identical amount

Number of decks: 6

Blackjack Switch Odds:

  • Blackjack pays 1 to 1
  • Insurance pays 2 to 1

Blackjack Switch Dealer's Rules:

  • Dealer must hit on soft 17
  • Dealer peek on 10 and Ace cards
  • Dealer's 22 count as tie

Double Down:

  • Double down on first two cards
  • Double down after split

Split Cards:

  • Draw and double down to split Aces
  • Split 3 times to make 4 Aces
  • Aces can be re-split


  • Player may switch the 2nd card dealt to each hand
  • If the player switches to a Blackjack it counts as 21 points
  • Player must make two bets of equal size

Surrender Options: Late surrender is offered

Insurance: On Dealer's Ace

Starting Credits: 1000

Maximum Bet Per Hand: 200

Blackjack Switch Strategy:

Blackjack Switch introduces a new strategic choice for players: to switch or not to switch and many times it will be obvious if it is possible to make a better hand by switching cards. Once the switch has been made serious players like to refer to basic Blackjack strategy tables to increase their chances. Such tables can be easily found online and are highly recommended for players who wish to pursue a more indepth study of Blackjack.

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